Thursday, September 1, 2011

Buy Amish Man's Clothes Here

Amish Man's Costume

Purchase Includes . . .

1 Handmade Amish men's Barn Door Pants (means buttons to close them not a zipper, custom picked for your size ) Totally handmade, no two are alike!

1 Amish Straw hat, straw colored or black

1 Amish Pair of Suspenders

Comes in your size, any size! and I do fit families. Great for Fall parties, costume or maybe you just want to dress up Amish and go dutch!

Write me with any Questions or text me at Brenda 574-538-7480

Get your wife or girlfriend to dress as an Amish woman, as well as kids Amish clothes and I do combine shipping.

This is the real deal. This is an authentic handmade amish men's outfit. Custom picked to fit you. I live in Northern Indiana in Amish country. All of my clothes are 100% straight from Amish homes. Never washed in an electric washer or dryer, line dried only you could say directly from an Amish clothes line! We offer sizes xs- 3x.

The recession hit our community pretty hard, including the Amish. Well here it is "The Amish Stimulas Package!" You get a homemade dress, apron and covering and the Amish get money to buy the things they need for their families. It's a win win situation, many have large families. Each pair of pants was cut and sewn and was preowned by an Amish man, all are in great condition and each seamstress has her own style. I have a deep respect for the Amish and their peacful lifestyle, much of my family and all of my neighbors are Amish. You can write me with any questions.

Be the hit of the Party, very origional!

+I am also sellinga deluxe package which includes the Black Suit (know to the amish as a mutza, or sunday suit) as seen in the pictures.
Call or text me at 574-538-7480
or e-mail me at
Cost 45.00$ plus shipping

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